Guerrilla Runway Show

Fashion for Humans is here to shake things up in the emerging Austin fashion scene. We’re putting together a show for new brands, talented minds, and the people who make it happen. This show’s primary focus is to provide a cooperative alliance between industry people, by involving the show’s participants in the process. We believe that if we come together to make something great, we can all rise together. 


Anne Marie


DASHE was launched in January of 2018 by Danielle Shepherd, a former musician and costume designer. The brand centers around bright colors, hand made textiles, and futuristic themes. She makes clothing for musicians and performance artists.

Hand-dyed fabrics and delicate textures are sometimes a theme for DASHE

Divergent Swimwear

Divergent Swimwear is a luxe interchangeable swimwear company founded in Austin, Texas. All swimsuit pieces are mix and match, reversible, sustainable, and can be changed on a whim. Our swimwear is tailor made for the traveling woman who wants more options
without over-packing her luggage or the swimwear addict who wants to stay up to date on swimwear trends. We embrace diversity and also individuality by allowing women to change their swimwear based on individual taste or style.

Our mission is to serve as a reflection that encourages women to LOVE themselves in their swimwear, no matter who they are. “Because ultimately it’s the woman that makes the swimwear not the
swimwear that makes the woman.”

About the Founder: Jessica Oxner

Swimwear has always been a big deal in my family. Every spring since I was a teenager my mother and I would set out on our ritual of finding the perfect bikini. But sometimes it was hard to find a uniquely different suit. We shopped far and wide; until we found
the “right” suit, and while it was relatively easy to find quality swimsuits, there was always the thought that these sets could be better by adding embellishments, rhinestones and removable accessories. Out of this thinking came the idea which is the basis
for our new modular swimwear line.

Electric Moda

Megan Renee Designs

Megan Renee designs womens’ clothing, jewelry, and accessories. She does ready to wear, made to order, and custom design. These are special, unique gowns and the designer loves playing with lines inspired by architecture. Megan Renee favors modern to futuristic designs, bold fabrics and colors. Women should feel sexy and confident in a variety of pieces that can be worn for business and play.

About The Designer

Megan was born in downtown Austin in the 80s, lived in Westlake, Austin, and moved to Round Rock in grade school. She is a fashion designer, pattern-maker and skilled seamstress with a Bachelor of Science in Apparel Design and Manufacturing from Texas Tech University. She loves making gowns and special pieces that take serious work and craftsmanship, couture and avant garde. She operates from a home design studio in Taylor. She is also the mother of a four year old, owns and operates a remodeling company, and works full time in bank lending.


Sydney Wright